Monday, January 24, 2011

Everyone in the world is bilingual

Things still haven’t slowed down in Singapore and I’ve still been doing things non stop.  On Friday, we had our exchange student orientation.  There were about 360 people there from all over the world.  The US had the most students with Canada and Sweden close behind, but it feels like everyone I’ve met is from Canada.  The orientation itself was pretty boring, but afterwards there was a lunch and I met a ton of people.  Later that night there was an exchange student party for all the universities in Singapore at Club Soul.  It was a really cool club!  It was hard to see though because the fog from the fog machines was so think.  They played techno and electronica the whole time, which is a little different than in America, but I love it.  There was tons of dancing and mingling, but I like dancing with my friends from Wisconsin way better.
The next day I went to Orchard Rd again with a bunch of friends I met.  Orchard Rd just amazes me.  It’s mall after mall after mall after mall.  There’s literally at least 20 malls right next to each other there.  I didn’t buy anything. I was just hanging out with people and getting to know them better.  The group I’ve been hanging out with is from everywhere, it’s pretty cool!  We have people from Germany, Netherlands, US, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan.  Pretty much everyone I’ve met is bilingual and I’m so jealous!  I’ve decided to take the first semester of Chinese while I’m here.  I’ve also decided that I’m learning French when I get home.  Classes actually start today, but if everything works out like I hope then I won’t have class on Monday and only one class on Friday!  There system is so weird, confusing, and annoying.  I don’t actually register for classes until tonight even though they start today.
Some of the girls. From L to R: Cass (Australia), Emma (Netherlands), Anny (Taiwan), me, Kira (Canada)
On Sunday we went to the beach!  The beach was on an island called Sentosa, which is like a mini Orlando.  They have a universal studios and other rides.  The beach was pretty pathetic.  The whole thing is man made, but the sand was very soft!  There were things in the water that felt like they were stinging us.  It was freaky, but I was just happy to be at the beach because I plan on coming back very tan :)
We’ve planned our first trip for the first weekend in February (over Chinese New Year) to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia!  We’re leaving for Chinese New Year because the majority of the population in Singapore is Chinese and everything shuts down.  It’s kind of like Thanksgiving, but for a longer period of time.  We don’t have school on the 3rd and 4th of February because of it.  I ate for my first time in one of the school cafeterias.  It was awesome.  The food here is REALLY good.  They have food courts everywhere.  It’s also really cheap which is the best part.  Sometimes it’s difficult ordering because I don’t know what I’m getting myself in to.  There are so many things I’ve never seen, heard of, or tried before!  It’s also hard to order because I don’t know how to say most of the dishes :/  I have a feeling that one of these days I’m going to have to stop at McDonalds and just get a hamburger and fries.  The McDonalds here delivers!  And it’s expensive.

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