Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting an early start

Over winter break I've already traveled to California with friends for the Rosebowl, took a pit stop in Phoenix, AZ to see my brother, met my family in Park City, UT to ski, and today I just got home from visiting Nick, Tom, Jersey, and the Fish on their man trip.  I'm so lucky my dad is a pilot.

Being in California with my friends (Heather, Mandy Motl, Mandy Stevermer, Tom, Blanch, Erik, and Brittany) was so much fun.  It was really nice to spend a lot of time with them before we all depart for different parts of the world.  We spent a day seeing the sights in Hollywood and Beverly Hills (I would love being famous), otherwise we just enjoyed each others company.  It was so great that we were able to stay at Erik's Uncle's place while we were there.  We saved so much money and it was such a pretty area.

The rosebowl was so surreal! There were SOOOO many Badgers.  Our fans are great.  We parked and tailgated right on the golf course.  I personally really liked the TCU fans.  They were all super nice and classy.  All the boys were wearing sweaters, ties, and button ups, and the girls were wearing boots, scarves, and pea coats.  I thought it was adorable.  They did end up beating us though, which was really disappointing, but we stayed after the game and celebrated for longer than they did because we're awesome.

The next day Heather, Steve, and I drove to San Diego to go to the zoo!  I love the zoo.  My favorite animal was probably the giant pandas.  I don't get to see those very often so that was super cool.  I also really liked the Okapi.  It looks like a horse and zebra combined!  After the zoo we continued on the Phoenix and stayed there with my brother for a night.

Sight seeing in Hollywood

Tailgating on the golf course!

My brother, Mitchell, and I flew out of Phoenix to meet the rest of our family plus Uncle Mitch in Park City.  It was a short 3 day trip, but we got some quality family time (which means I was only annoyed of Mac 50% of the time).  I'd never been skiing in Utah before so I was pretty excited.  The snow wasn't the greatest and it was pretty cold, but they still had some good runs.  They don't have a cute little village at the bottom of the mountain for shopping like the places I've been to in Colorado, and that's kind of a deal breaker for me.  All-in-all it was a great time.

After Park City I was home for a solid three days before I headed to Big Sky, MT to go skiing with Nick, Tom, Eric, and Jersey.  I'm really glad I went because they definitely got me out of my comfort zone with my snowboarding skills.  We were doing a lot more difficult terrain than I was used to, but it was so much fun!  We also headed to the very peak of the mountain, which was extremely pretty and great to see, but also one of the scarier things I've ever done.  I was pretty much in shock heading up there and I was SO nervous.  The first part of it was super windy, rocky, and narrow with an unforgiving drop off if you slipped.  Being that high up with those conditions just made me think to myself "what am I doing?"  Once we got into the bowl, it wasn't so bad and ended up being challenging and really fun.  I had a great time with the guys, but I can't discuss any further details because I was sworn to a code of silence.

Eric, Nick, and Eric on the slopes

I now leave for Singapore in 5 days and my nerves are diminishing.  I am just so excited for something new in my life and I think the experience will teach me a lot about life and about myself.

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