Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It’s been a LONG journey, but I just arrived in Singapore!  The local time here is 2:07am on Wednesday, January 19th.  In Minnesota/Wisconsin it’s 12:07pm on the 18th.  It’s weird to think that everyone in Madison is going to their first classes right now.  I tried not to sleep on the plane so I could sleep right now, but I was so tired it was impossible.  I’m pretty awake right now.  The first plane ride was 12 hours from Minneapolis to Tokyo.  My mom is with me, which is great because I’d be so much more nervous if she wasn’t.  The second plane ride was 7.5 hours from Tokyo to Singapore.  We got to sit first class for the first plane ride.  They give you SO much food on the plane.  It was great, I just watched movies, ate food, and slept.  I’ve only been here a short time and it’s dark out, but what I gathered from the ride from the airport to the hotel is that everything is SO CLEAN!!!  I guess that will happen when the punishment for littering is to be caned :/  I’m living in the dorms while I attend Nanyang Technical University, but for now I’m staying at The Ritz Carlton with my mom!  This hotel is amazing.  I wish you could all see the view of the city skyline.  It’s so pretty!  Tomorrow morning we’re going to make our way over to the University and check out my dorm.  I can’t wait to meet my roommate!  Oh, and it’s SUPER warm here :)  The current temperature is 80 degrees F and it feels amazing.  Well I’m going to TRY and get some sleep, but I’m so excited!

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