Monday, February 28, 2011

An unexpected surprise

I was sitting in my room studying when someone slipped a notice under my door to notify me that I had received a 'parcel'.  My first thoughts were, "what's a parcel?"  Although we don't normally use that word in the states, I'm smart enough to figure out that it means package.  I was extremely thrilled and ran downstairs immediately to go pick it up at my hall office!

The package was from my friend, Nick, and filled with my favorite snack, Honey Teddy Grahams!  Also in the package was a 3-pack of orbit gum!  I immediately ate as many Teddy Grahams as I could before I felt sick and now I'm chewing on a half-stick of orbit gum :)  Tastes like home.  The package reminded me of how much I miss my friends and family despite how much fun I'm having.  Thanks, Nick!  Miss you all.

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