Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to the good life

There are many hotels and places in Singapore that come to mind when I think "luxury".  I find downtown Singapore to be an extremely classy place.  Even when I'm just walking around there I feel refined and elegant.  Marina Bay Sands is at the top of that luxury list.  The hotel includes a shopping mall, an ice skating rink, a theatre, a plethora of dining options, a casino, an Art Science Museum, and a Skypark complete with 3 olympic-sized swimming pools, jacuzzis, and a priceless view of the city.  You might recognize the hotel from an earlier post of mine where I talked about how I wanted to stay there!  WELL... after a long search of finding the absolute cheapest price through travel agents for a 2 person room, on Friday (April 8) Emma, Cass, and I took a break from our fairly budgeted yet very blessed exchange student lives and stepped into the life of luxury for 22 hours.

Activities of our slumber party included:
  • pretending to be super rich kids while lounging on the skypark deck next to the pool on the 57th story

  • taking endless photo shoots documenting the view

I didn't get the memo about the leg pop.

  • enjoying freshly made bruschetta (by Cass), tasteful cheeses, olives, and French bread
so classy
  • pushing our two double beds together to make a large, incredibly comfortable super bed with fluffy pillows and blankets :)
Good morning!

Just being silly.
  • devouring complementary macaroons that we were delightfully surprised to find in our room after our pool session
  • walking around the mall and looking at things far out of our price range
  • testing the perfume, makeup, and nail polish in Sephora

  • wearing our hotel robes and slippers everywhere we could

  • hanging out by the bay admiring the view of the city that never ceases to amaze me

Marina Bay Sands
  • tearing up to a chick-flick
  • eating endless amounts of food at the included breakfast buffet
  • sipping on fresh lime, lemon, or orange infused water
To wrap it up, it was a very fun and much-need girls night (with a guest appearance from Alex and Toby, but what's a girls night without boys?).  I'm soooo grateful for all the things I get to experience!

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