Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Justin Bieber Experience

I know I'm going a little Overboard with the whole Justin Bieber thing, but Baby I am still SOOO Stuck in the Moment of the concert.  I Pray that I can come back Down to Earth soon.  Because Cass really does Love Me, we were able to find a Common Denominator and she agreed to take a Ride in a plane to Malaysia with me to see him!  I never thought I'd see him in concert, but now I know to Never Say Never.  It was a One Time experience and it's definitely Up there on my list of highlights!  Regardless of what beef people have about Justin Bieber, I think he's very talented and was Born to be Somebody.  Seeing him in Malaysia made me realize that he has a Bigger impact on people than I thought.  The audience was diverse with people of all ages and nationalities.  It wasn't just little girls, but he does seem to make every girl feel like his Favorite Girl with his song lyrics that are a little beyond his years.  The concert was also extremely affordable because it was in Malaysia so we had GREAT seats and I didn't have to be a Rich Girl to get them.  Well my Bieber Fever is at an all time high and along with millions of other girls, I'm a little bummed he didn't Pick Me (he's currently dating Selena Gomez, I still think That Should Be Me ;)).  So if you're looking for Somebody to Love or something to make U Smile, no need for Eenie Meenie, give some Justin Bieber music a chance and you'll be One Less Lonely Girl :) (or boy).  Seeing the Biebs in concert is even more evidence against my ultimate question, "Is this real life?"  I'm still living the dream and This Dream is too Good.

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