Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Toast That Binds... Kinship, Friendship, Partnership

Hahaha.  Cheesy title, I know, but it is the slogan of the Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffeestall.  I went there on Sunday afternoon for breakfast with some friends (we slept in a bit because we just arrived back from the Philippines the night before).  The company was founded in 1944 by 15 year old Loi Ah Koon who immigrated from China to Singapore.  He was a determined entrepreneur and began selling coffee, tea, egg, and toast.  People loved it and they kept coming back for more.  The company has since flourished with over 30 locations in Singapore (that's a lot considering how small Singapore is), with other locations in Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.  It has become the "traditional Singaporean breakfast".  I see all the locals eat it so I really wanted to try it.  They have the same items at our canteens on campus, but I wanted the authentic version from where it all started.

The breakfast consists of:  2 soft-boiled eggs, toast with butter and kaya (a local spread of egg and coconut), and Singaporean-style coffee or tea.  The coffee is VERY sweet for coffee and it actually doesn't really taste like coffee to me, but it's not bad.  The tea always comes with milk and is also very sweet, unless you order tea "o" (pronunciation of O in Chinese means black).  They also mix the eggs with a dash of white pepper and some soy sauce.

Singaporean-style breakfast set
Mixed with the soy sauce.... :/
Proof I ate it.
After eating the breakfast, I didn't feel the greatest.  My stomach was really uneasy, but I don't think it was due to the slop of soy sauce and egg.  That part was actually not as bad as it looks, but I wouldn't say it was good.  I'm pretty sure it was due to the slab of butter they put in between the toasts with the very sweet tasting kaya.

When I took out the butter, I really enjoyed the kaya and toast!  They also pair the kaya with peanut butter, which is very good.  Overall it wasn't bad.  Although, the eggs always really creep me out because it always looks like they're not cooked enough.  Now I can say I've done it!  It was pretty fun experience, but I think I'll stick to fruit in the morning.

They also sold ice cream toast!  I always get a kick out of their ice cream sandwiches here :)

Toast with ice cream! haha  It's actually really good.

I didn't forget to post about the Philippines, it's just going to take me awhile!  Until next time...

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